Runway Recap – Kopenhagen Fur

Photo: Helle Moos


For now fashion week is done and it’s time to evaluate. We had a tiny chit chat with Kopenhagen Fur about the outcome of their runway show Imagine Talents.

What was the mission behind your show?

We wanted to create a platform for the students’ design to shine from. There is so much imagination in every single fur design and it was important to us to not let the designs be outshined by effects etc. Furthermore, we wanted to highlight that natural fur is such a versatile and an adaptable material, which can be worked with in more ways than most people expect.

Looking back – did your show live up to your expectations?

From the weather to the location and from our collaborators to our guests, the night definitely met our expectations. The subtle means with which we wanted to support the students’ creativity and their fur designs worked really well and we had so much positive feed back on the imaginative and creative designs.

In addition, on the night of the Imagine Talents show, there were many different events going on at the exact same time, so we were very happy and beyond proud that so many guests opted to participate in our show.

Anything specific from your show you would like to highlight?

The participating students really blew us, the jury and our guests away. 2018 is the fourth year of the Imagine Talents programme and show, so we have seen many great designs throughout the years and still, we were pleasantly surprised by the imagination and excitement from every single student involved. Furthermore, this year – for the first time – we imbedded the competition element into the programme, which gave the show an extra edge as well as the dimension of having a professional international jury comment on all designs and select a winner. And last but not least, the winning student, Chinese Shanqian Xu from University of Westminster, was happy and thrilled with her first place, which of course also was a high light for us.

What is the next step for Kopenhagen Fur?  

Our Imagine Talents programme continues and the plans for 2019 are already well underway.

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Photo: Tom McKenzie
Photo: Tom McKenzie