Rodebjer: A tribute to women

Date and time: Wednesday 8 August – 9.00
Place: Værnedamsvej 18
Words Sille Henning

Have you ever been envious of men’s privilege to just wake up, put on a suit, and walk out the door? If yes, then the Rodebjer Spring Summer 2019 collection might be what you have been looking for.

The presentation was a tribute to strong, independent women with a modern take on the 60s and 70s working girl, with feminine pinstripes, subtle flower prints, floaty silhouettes, transparent fabrics, and a lot of skin, all underlining creative director and modern feminist (with a room in her Stockholm store called The Vagina) Carin Rodebjer’s infatuation with strong women.

Taking its cues from ’Swedish Sin’ — a period in the Swedish film scene back in the 1950s to 1970s with a very liberal approach to nudity and sexuality seen as controversial back in those days — the presentation was divided into five different rooms each presenting its own universe.

There was a party going on in the garden, with cocktails, loud music, and dancing models. Model Maria Palm was dressed in an off-white shirt dress in a woven material with Native American references. Model Amanda Nørgaard was clad in the collection’s main print — a colourful, floral print on a white backdrop (also available in black), the same on influencer Stella von Senger, who showed off her belly button. Another favourite was a long green army dress with a drawstring chest and flower embroideries.

In the kitchen, stylist Pernille Holm, model Aia Busk, and actress Natalie Madueno wore whipping creme dresses –  the latter in a tight fitted knit dress accentuating the female curves. On the rooftop, model Christine Sofie was dressed in a frilled orange wrap dress while actress Marie Boda was one of the working girls in the workspace. Boda dressed in a blue and white pinstripe coat dress with thigh-high boots. And speaking of boots, in general there were some really nice accessories, canvas boots with Western-inspired heels giving them a twist from this season’s many cowboy boots, and the flat sandals with Rodebjer’s signature buckle. Also the back and oversize necklaces were worthy of an extra look.

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