Revolver launches digital showroom

With the aim to support the industry as best it can, the trade show Revolver has entered a collaboration with Traede on developing a digital showroom — bridging the distance between brands, buyers and press.

As a next step in its’ digital development, Revolver will launch digital showrooms for the next season, in order to support its exhibitors in tackling the new challenges, limitations and restrictions caused by COVID-19. The digital showrooms will give buyers and other visitors the opportunity to do even better research before visiting Revolver. Buyers that are not able to travel for the upcoming season due to the COVID-19 crises will get the opportunity to digitally browse and buy from the brands. 

Christian Maibom, Creative Director & Founder of Revolver, says: “We are proud to present Revolver Bridge®, which in combination with the physical trade show will certainly optimize the overall outcome of Revolver for each exhibitor. This is said in the belief that neither the physical fair nor the digital solution can stand-alone. We are absolutely convinced that the physical tradeshow and the meeting between people and collections have never been more important. Sure, something can be done digitally, but the challenges we’re facing as an industry right now cannot be solved by individual heroes, videoconferences and e-mails alone. It can only be arranged jointly, through conversation and with physical meetings if possible, and in a combination with the Revolver Bridge, which is an effective tool when buyers have to prepare before the fair and in the follow-up dialogue between brand and buyer.” 

Revolver Bridge® is launching in time for the upcoming season. 

Photo: Revolver/Adam Katz Sinding