Resumé: Back to the 90s

TIME & DATE: Tuesday 7 August – 13.00
PLACE: Yachtgarage
Words Lotte Freddie

Even Résumé’s invitation looked promising – a baby-rose card in a pink envelope stamped “As if” and “Whatever” – film star Alicia Silverstone’s now famous quotes from my favourite film, “Clueless”.  The prize-winning 1995 film is a modern take on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel, Emma, just like Emma and Anne Louise Lohmann’s summer 2019 is a modern take of the 1990ies.

The sisters’ one-year-old label, already nominated for 2017 ELLE Style Awards, is built on “the less is not more” principle.

The huge, primitive yacht garage delivered a pink backdrop and a pink catwalk, where young girls showed Resumé’s more is more x. That means striking colour combinations like lilac with bright red, rose with ruby — great in a pair of straight trousers — and turquoise with lime.

Flowers bloomed in a rose, lime, and turquoise pattern — pretty and girlish in pleated skirts or dresses, and as large, soft pink roses on a black brocade coat. Tiny black polka dots danced on flowing, ruffled, white silk, and pure white appeared quite elegant as a dress over matching trousers.

Here are lots of different checks – yellow mini ones in a bell shaped skirt are put to a large lilac sweatshirt and yellow large checks are made into a jacket and skirt.

The skirt suit is the new black at Resumé — as A-line short skirts with matching jackets in pastel or strong colours. Absolutely Emma/Alicia in Clueless and now right for new, young Emmas.