The real thing – Kopenhagen Fur

Words Lotte Freddie 

Sustainability is the main buzzword of Copenhagen Fashion Week. This comes naturally to Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house, owned by Danish Fur farmers, as fur is nature’s own material – and one answer to the current demand for sustainability. Fur is slow fashion: It lasts for many years, it can be remade, altered, or inherited. Contrary to fake fur, it is a bio-degradable life investment, and the opposite of fast fashion.


With this in mind, the company, and its label Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, continuously experiment with new techniques and ways of making and designing fur. And, very importantly, they spot and support new talent.


Last night, Kopenhagen Fur hosted Imagine Talents 2018, in which 22 young designers from 14 universities in eight countries competed for the prize of 5,000 euros – given for innovation, skill, and


This commendable initiative resulted in many spectacular and interesting fur designs that took to the catwalk. Like Shuhan Zhang from China Academy of Arts, whose beautiful red coat circled with snakes of red mink was inspired by the constant oppression of women. Like Lisa Maria Stofsky from Via University College in Denmark, who took her inspiration from women from the Qing Dynasty to emerge as a fabulous purple pleated mink coat inserted with lime mink drops and diamante strewn black mink shoulders. Also from Denmark, from Design School Kolding, Jens Knud Gonzales Friborg showed the most beautiful fairy-like negligee gown – or evening coat billowing in floor-length cream chiffon, edged with silver fox and embroidered with waste scraps of fur.


Shangqian Xu from Westminster University was the right winner with a great long white fringed man’s coat striped in denim, black and orange mink. “Sustainability is the main thread of my design”, she declares.


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