Q&A with Stine Goya

Stine Goya is presenting her AW19 collection today at a library in the heart of Copenhagen. We did a small Q&A with the designer where we talked anything from Mexican food to sustainability.

Can you reveal anything about your AW19 show?

This season, we will present the collection in a slightly different way, with a special intimate performance at a library in the centre of Copenhagen. Every creative element has been deeply considered in terms of the full effect, and in addition to the collection, we have dancer Kiani del Valle crafting a unique choreography movement of the models through the space, and musician Bendik Gieske creating a live soundscape. This immersive combination of music, movement, the models and the collection is one we hope will present a surprising and memorable moment in the Stine Goya story.

Will it focus more on sustainability?

Yes, it is our total focus of our show this season! We set ourselves an exciting challenge of considering the capabilities of fashion and its impact on the environment, and are thrilled to reveal that the Autumn Winter 2019 show will be a presentation of a special sustainable collection of show pieces.
We researched far into the possibilities now available in sustainable materials, and are deeply excited to show the results of this collection and how it has translated into Stine Goya designs.

How would you define Copenhagen as a fashion capital?

In my experience, Copenhagen fashion is felt in is both the celebration of individual spirit and a wonderful sense of community — I feel the spirit of togetherness comes through on a global scale, but it’s inspiring and always exciting that there is no one set look; we each have our own perspective and therefore there is something for everyone here. The industry is defined by a sense of freshness, changing spirit and accessibility to a wide range of people.

A restaurant in Copenhagen you like to share with others?

At the moment, I love Rosio Sanchez’s latest restaurant Sanchez; she used to be the pastry chef at Noma, and her Mexican cuisine is like no other I have had.