Pop Copenhagen: Mikkel Ankersen Kristensen and Kasper Henriksen

Words Pernille Hammershøj


Pop Copenhagen: Mikkel Ankersen Kristensen and Kasper Henriksen


What are your hopes for the AW18 season? 

Well, we’re approaching 10 years since we branched out from parties to clothing, and we’ve recently put that original clever link between music and parties and clothing back in focus. So our hope in terms of CIFF AW18 is to meet some new exciting retailers that wanna be part of telling that story. We’ve seen a lot of new great stores popping up across Europe lately, and we hope to get acquainted with some more in Copenhagen. Maybe sparks will fly.

Are you visiting other fairs internationally? And what is the benefit of being part of a fashion fair in Copenhagen?

 We show with our old friends at SEEK in Berlin, because we do a lot of business with our southern neighbours, and we show at CIFF so that buyers making the trip here looking for Danish fashion have a chance of discovering us. I’d say that’s the benefit of showing in Copenhagen: it’s more positioned. It’s like, if you’re a baker on Store Kongensgade and a customer walks in, the odds are in your favor that the customer wants a ‘Danish’

What is the best thing about having a stand at CIFF?

 I’d say it’s a close call between that jungle we’ve got going on next to our stand and then the mix of brands at our area ‘Style Setters’, which is really the most spot-on of all the fairs we’ve visited. Plus our old friend Dj Flip is doing a great job directing the music ?

What creates the sparkle in the partnership between the two of you, Kasper and Mikkel?

What can we say, we’re the best of friends, but more so; we’re brothers, and we’re in this thing together. POP is our band, you know, it’s our Rolling Stones; our pursuit of dreams, adventure, and accomplishment. We’re like night and day in some areas but ultimately we have the same goals in life and with our brand. Also, we share a super similar taste and enthusiasm in music, movies, design and other aesthetic diversions. And that shared enthusiasm is really what sparkled the beginning of POP. We had to create SOMETHING together. That unfolded first as a party, then as many parties, and then this fashion business. Who know’s what’s up in another ten years.