Personality and edge are beginning to matter more

Words Susanne Kinnerup 

She has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, and just did a shoot for Vogue. It’s hard to ignore blogger and model Freja Wewer. When it comes to fashion, Wewer follows her instincts, and she is thrilled by how personality and edge are beginning to matter more and more in modeling.

How would you describe your role on the Danish fashion scene?

I see myself as a trendsetter more than as an analyst, even though it sounds silly to talk about oneself as a trendsetter. I just don’t know what else to call it. My style is personal, and I see my role as being subjective, to share my personal view on things. I’m not that good at fashion in general. My starting point is always what matches my existing wardrobe.


What has been the most remarkable change on the Danish fashion scene since you entered it?

I love how brands dare to experiment more with their own looks. Furthermore, there’s been a huge development on the model front, which I think many of us are happy to see. I clearly remember the time I was 15 years old and got “spotted” as a model. I got discarded quickly after, because I was too short and too wide. I now sit here in 2018 and just did a shoot for Vogue. Personality and edge are beginning to matter more than the 5 cm. It’s a development that I hope will continue.


What is worst about Danish fashion right now?

I think there is a tendency for Danes to talk badly about and feel raised above the Danish fashion industry. It’s almost like it’s becoming a trend. Personally I think it’s very stupid. If you don’t like the Danish fashion business then stop being a part of it. Problem solved.


Which Danish designers do you turn to when you are shopping?

I’m very fond of Designers Remix, AF AGGER, and Saks Potts.


What was your first personal experience with Danish fashion?

Probably me playing dress up in my mom’s clothing, when I was little.


When you look into your wardrobe, which piece of Danish design is your favorite?

I own a lot of suits from Designers Remix, and I love them because they are perfect for every occasion. It’s very important to me that all my clothes is comfortable and that I feel good wearing them. Those suits are just like that.


Looking five years into the crystal ball, what is your dream for Danish fashion? 

I just wanna be surprised.