New fish in the sea – CFW New Talent Scene

Words Lotte Freddie, Photo James Cochrane 

The CFW New Talent Scene is a showcase for emerging design talents, which aims to support brands working with sustainable production. It is also a competition, whose winner will be announced on February 2.

DK Company lent its outstanding offices – covered wharves standing in a base dating back to 1690 — to the show, which was opened by Jeppe Meier and Jesper Finderup’s brand, “Forét.”

Built around nature, it featured practical, comfortable garments, simple and clean. Its colors and materials seemed inspired by shades from Nordic woods, lakes, and fish, bringing to mind Canada and lumberjacks.

Very nice clothes – Nicolaj, my camera man, wanted it all. Relaxed sweats and T-shirts adorned with fish or stripes, a beautiful blue FISH AND FOLK print, narrow chinos, and great unisex forest-green teddy-bear lumber-jackets were just right.

Shouting the simple, creating the best is Kjetil Aas’s approach to his slow fashion for everyday life. His “Sur le Chemin” collection — a line of timeless classic chinos, merino knits, and Oxford shirts in organic cotton — is centered around navy blue mixed with pale baby blue and white. Some dresses striped in this fashion looked nice under short navy canvas coats. Meanwhile, white shirts went well with beige chinos on both sexes.


The moon is central to By Signe’s in-house production, as well as “personal experiences and words of digital tragic love stories.” That ended up perfectly, as short jersey dresses in black or orange with large pockets in front and a wide elastic belt. Strap dresses with a gathered skirt, meanwhile, were pretty in black or lilac. And a long, black gathered tie-skirt with a long slit was sexy without being crude.  


Sur Le Chemin 

By Signe