MUF10 hijacks Copenhagen street style

Words Line Hindsgaul

If you are a street-style blog regular, you’ll know the Danish label MUF10, whose collection of statement sweatshirts and coats is worn by the cool cats of the Danish fashion press, and many others. Seemingly in no time, the brand has become a streetwear darling both nationally and internationally, thanks in particular to social media. International demand for the clothes forced the designer and his team to focus on actually getting the hyped clothes into production and out in stores.

So this is where the focus and money went: to New York and Paris, where the collection is currently travelling and being sold. But MUF10 is not the type of brand that forgets its roots. So to shake things up, and still be present on the very fashion week that created the brand, MUF10 decided to book eight models, dress them in its new collection, and have them walk up and down the street in front of the various show venues and the hordes of street-style photographers present.

This clever and inexpensive way to show the collection seems to be working, as  photographers are flocking around the strong and diverse team of MUF10 models. The MUF10 team hopes the images create an even greater international interest in the brand.