MUF10: Forbidden garb

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 10.00
Words Line Hindsgaul

If anyone can gather the Copenhagen it-crowd in the city’s outskirts at 10 in the morning, it’s got to be streetwear label MUF10. In an industrial hall with barrier tape shielding the seating area (where a scooter was centered at the runway entrance surrounded by flowers, a man resting his head on it; never explained but making for a cool show backdrop), the tunes of Scott Travis and Kendrick Lamar got the pre-show party started.

On every seat was a MUF10 hoodie —the blue star AW18 hoodie whose logo is so similar to Mærsk’s that MUF10 designer Reza Etamadi recently received a cease-and-decease letter from the conglomerate.  So instead of just burning the pieces, as many big brands would, Reza decided to gift them to the fashion crowd.

To the sound of up-and-coming Danish star ZK performing his mega-streamed track ZUM ZUM, the collection made its entrance. The first look was presented by Amina Adan (Denmark’s first headscarf-wearing model) accompanied a giant LED screen showing a Danish policeman playing with a refugee kid. MUF10 has something to say about the life and clothing of immigrants and refugees, if there was any doubt, a theme highlighted throughout the show.

Meanwhile, tracksuits, shirts, and tees covered in the MUF10 logo flourished onstage, among them an oversize trenchcoat stealing the show. Colours where earthy and warm and held in beige, olive, dusty grey, and black. Every look was styled to add contrast with socks and loafers. A gauzy pleated skirt in dusty mole added a feminine touch, while an anorak in blue and rusty orange had  the statement Imagine printed on the back. A white tee featured the Danish flag.

The show closed with the LED screen lighting up once again, this time with a policewoman hugging a burqa-clad woman photographed at a recent protest against the newly passed ban against such garb. Sirens announced the entry of a police car before four policemen took the stage alongside women in burqas. Each officer picked up a flower and gave them to the women. Ending what was as much a show as an extraordinary commentary on a hot-button political issue in Denmark.

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