Morten Ussing: Morten’s little secrets

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 12.00
PLACE: Egekilde Scenen, Kedelsmedien
Words Lotte Freddie

Stories and secrets are sewn into Morten Ussing’s dresses. Ideas and technical refinements which he has used to achieve the look of his inspiration — a painting depicting the artist Anna Ancher walking in a field; and stories told of the life of former-day peasant boys and girls, working in the fields, dancing at the village hall.


There is nothing peasantlike, though, about Morten’s collection for summer 2019. It is actually couture. Every single piece is done by hand by the Central Saint Martins-educated designer himself, and therefore exquisitely made:

Lime green checked organza pleated from a high empire cut — without a seam; Matisse-blue-dotted tulle in layers; poppy-red Italian linen gathered in a volume skirt with a white poplin shirt — it flows and it dances lightly like the wind blowing in the farmer girl’s dress — and it is all quite beautiful. So is a silver grey linen skirt matched with a quilted velour jacket. So is the white cotton with large blue checks like tea towels, and so is a green field pattern with yellow barley straws. I absolutely loved the provocative combination of lime with corn blue tulle, simply stunning. White, glimmering, beaded, transparent mesh tulle shines sexy and unusual — nude for the show, with jeans or a bathing suit for other occasions. Large straw hats decorated with straw, corn flowers and poppies emphasized the summer in the field feeling. Except for the transparents, everything has pockets. “I would die if there were no pockets, it also has to be practical”, declared Morten Ussing, who can be rightly proud of his “Southern Jutland romance”.

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