More sustainable brands to exhibit at The Jewellery Room

The Jewellery Room exhibits some of the most significant Scandinavian and international jewellery brands to press and buyers during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and sustainability is on top of their agenda. The Jewellery Room are already predominantly working with brands using recycled gold and are excited about the changes that are slowly starting to happen in the jewellery industry.

“With sustainability becoming more and more important to the end consumer, the industry is starting to make changes and the majority of the brands we work with, both big and small, are already working with recycled gold and all stones on a global scale are slowly becoming certified.” states Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen, Co-Founder of The Jewellery Room.

The Jewellery Room showcases a range of exciting brands that are working with sustainable materials, socially responsible supply chains and an increased focus on their CO2 footprint — producing locally and more sustainably.

Born from the thought that we, and the choices we make, are all connected, KINRADEN Jewellery was a project of passion for outstanding design and style, combined with the desire for sustainable and respectful interactions. The materials are sourced with respect for both people and nature and the jewellery is handcrafted from the finest, recycled 18 carat gold and sterling silver, embedded with rock-hard, black Mpingo heartwood diamonds harvested from their “mine above the ground” — a lush and thriving certified forest in Tanzania protected through WWF, taking an active stand against the traditional diamond industry, known for exploiting material and labour.

With a mission to capture both activism and sustainability in their designs, With Love Darling strives for a socially responsible and sustainable production. The brand has interpreted the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) into beautiful and individual pieces of storytelling jewellery to inspire reflection and personal connection to each of the individual SDG’s. Former officer in the NATO missions in Bosnia and Kosovo, 1999–2000, and employee at the United Nations in Kosovo, founder Elisabeth Crossley-Wright is dedicated to incorporating the SDG’s in her designs and supply chain. With Love Darling has workshops in Jordan employing Syrian refugees, in Afghanistan and in the slums of Nairobi, among others.

With their workshop located in the beautiful, scenic Setesdal Valley in Norway, Hasla Jewellery focuses on silversmithing and craftsmanship, using recycled and refined metals. Devoted to a sustainable, slow fashion approach to design, Hasla aims at creating high quality timeless pieces, and offers repair services to their customers.  

“My design dna is tangible and continuous. I aim to create timeless pieces of high quality and aim for our jewellery to be worn by generations,” states Anne Hasla, co-founder and designer at Hasla Jewellery.

The Jewellery Room takes place 9 August 2019 at Nikolaj Kunsthal, 9.30-16.00.
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