Meet the industry insiders — Q&A with Brooke Bobb, Senior Fashion News Writer for Vogue

Meet the industry insiders dives into the excitement and expectations from a selection of the press representatives invited for Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20 — offering you a look behind the scenes. 

This season, Copenhagen Fashion Week welcomes Brooke Bobb, Senior Fashion News Writer for Vogue, as an official guest of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Excited to return to Copenhagen, she’s looking forward to experience the development of both Scandi style and Copenhagen Fashion Week, that, according to Brooke, is much more visible on a global scale now, than ever before.

Your trip to Copenhagen Fashion Week is fast approaching. What are you most excited about? 
I always get excited when traveling to Copenhagen because right now, the city is more vibrant than it’s ever been in my opinion. This isn’t only because of the booming fashion scene but also because of the constant stream of new restaurants, hotels, and other happenings. In terms of fashion week, I am looking forward to seeing the new collections but also discovering new labels coming into the mix. 

In your opinion, what sets Copenhagen Fashion Week apart from the other international fashion weeks? 
I think the fashion community in Copenhagen feels much more like a family than anywhere else in the world. It’s small, but also open to collaboration, sharing big ideas and celebrating Scandinavian design while also working to translate that aesthetic to a global audience. Copenhagen Fashion Week is constantly challenging itself to evolve and grow but still stays true to its core values. 

Anything in particular you are anticipating from the designers at Copenhagen Fashion Week for AW20?
I am curious to see how some of the more established brands will progress and find their own individual identities. I think Copenhagen Fashion Week is much more visible now on a global scale than it’s ever been and it’s important for designers based there to carve their own niche on the world’s fashion stage. Everyone outside of Copenhagen tends to think of Scandi style as one, specific thing but it’s so much more dynamic than that. 

It is our pleasure to welcome Brooke, who together with the rest of our VIP invited guests will be staying at Hotel skt. Petri

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