Meet filmmaker Louis Beckmann


During fashion week Louis Beckmann will be the one filming the feature Daily Fashion Persona. Being a filmmaker often makes a big impression on him due to the many people he meets and the interesting stories he gets to tell.

Why did you choose to become a filmmaker? 

I started my education with a goal. I wanted to learn how to tell stories with an edge and learn how to tell them my way. I really enjoy the process; from the idea to the final product and from having visual pictures inside my mind and turning them into reality.

What is the best about being a filmmaker?

The best about being a filmmaker is to make films about difficult issues. I love seeing how a film can help and do something good for people and draw focus to all the questions in life.

How did you become a self-employed filmmaker? 

It’s pretty simple. I just had an idea that it couldn’t be that hard creating a story that people didn’t know about on forehand. And then combine it with beautiful and interesting pictures. And so I started!

What filming experience has had the biggest impact on you and why? 

One of the biggest experiences both personally and behind the camera was when I had to make a movie about handicapped dressage riders that wanted to tell their stories about having success and control over your life. I needed to put myself in their position and try to understand how the sport helped their handicap and gave them happiness in life. It made a big impression on me.