Material march – J. Lindeberg

Words Sille Ugelvig

Swedish brand J. Lindeberg has a long history of transforming high fashion into sportswear. With Jens Werner as its new creative director, the company has embarked on a new era, with unmistakable sky-high ambitions. A-line jackets. Denim suits. Gore-Tex ski jackets. Pinstriped skirts and shoulder pads. All combined with chunky sneakers and cowboy boots.


The great variety of materials somehow worked out just fine for the new creative director, who managed to give the brand a more modern look featuring strong colors, although the big blanket-like scarfs seemed a bit forced on some of the models. The outfits came with an effortless vibe, their styles suited for a lifestyle of just about any situation: in the snow, on the run, traveling, working.


In the finale, models marched down the runway like an army. Dressed in black, with J. Lindeberg logos on their chests, they proclaimed that the label is back in business.

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