At By Signe the entire design process from creative design to production and finishing is gathered under one roof. The in-house production in Denmark ensures absolute ethical security in a healthy and safe environment. When selecting materials, the brand strives for fabrics to be organic and certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The AW18 collection is inspired by designer Signe Rødbro’s personal experiences and digital words of tragic modern love stories. With the moon as a focal point the collection is looking for natural beauty in darker mental places.



Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you?

My name is Signe Roedbro, I am the founder and designer behind the brand which I started in the fall of 2015. Doing fashion was for me at the time (and still is), simply an artistic urge to create that I had to follow as a natural instinct almost. Today it is still highly personal and very contemporary as I see myself developing with the brand. I have set up a fully sustainable production in my own studio and so all of my designs are produced in Denmark by the sweetest and most wonderful girls I know in a safe and healthy environment where we laugh a lot.

What was it that got you into fashion?

As a child I remember copying the same figure over and over again, drawing new patterns in clothing on it every single time Doing fashion was always my dream, but while studying I didn’t have the right courage at the time to sort of plan for it I guess. I always follow my gut feeling and one day I simply fell ready, so I dropped out of law-school and started out in an old-fashioned tailoring school. This was when I realized that fashion was my path to follow for sure. However, this school was very old-fashioned and there was not much room for any imagination and creativity, so the year after I went on to studying fashion design in a university in Spain.

You have a love for detail and craftsmanship how does this reflect your approach to design?

I have a huge conscience, so when creating the brand it was essential to me to create a product that I could vouch for 100 pct. By setting up my own production in the studio, I hope to prove that it is possible in today’s industry, to combine design and handcraft ethically and sustainably correct to create a deeper dimension of honesty and soul behind the brand. It gives me and my team full control of the entire process, and the hands-on approach is definitely something that I work with and develop by every day. It also limit any restrictions to what and how much we can do and that gives me a wonderful freedom as a designer.

Could you explain a little bit about how you develop your collections? What are the driving forces behind them?

My collections mostly emerge from personal experiences and feelings. That has to be the major force for me always. I then create a universe around it filled with words, films, art and whatever else has inspired me when travelling for example. My inspiration in general is very abstract, but I like to read and write poetry and often try to translate magical words and stories into the design process. In addition, comfort plays a major role, especially working with the wonderful natural and organic materials that we do. I like descriptions of women on how they act and move in a given environment, so when I visualize a piece of clothing I walk around with my eyes closed trying to imagine how it will move.


Who are your own personal fashion heroes or style icons?

I have been inspired by many different people along the way, and it is difficult to only name a few. I think what inspires me mostly in people is passion and the courage to follow your heart and guts and do what feels right.

What has been the craziest experience with By Signe so far?

Having only had the brand for two years I need to say that the whole journey has been so crazy in the most wonderful way! So much has happened and it is impossible for me to highlight only one thing. In general I think I will need to say that the positive feedback that we receive from the people wearing our clothes is the most crazy- amazing thing. Receiving messages from beautiful girls from all over the world saying thank you, stuns and flatters me so much every single time. It means the world to me, that they get what I do, and that they like it.

What can we expect at the New Talent Show?

Last year I fell in love. The AW18 collection tells a dark modern love-story of someone I once shared passion and literature with. It is build on digital words, passionate feelings and fleeting romance. With the moon as a focal point, I was looking for natural beauty in darker mental places through this process, and in line with my visions for the brand, the collection is keeping simple values of the natural woman within a modern culture and these days environmental changes. The color-palette tells stories about dark winter nights lit up by a full moon and the breakthrough of purple morning skies.