LIMI: Colourful, fun and not taking itself too seriously

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Copenhagen-based designer Victoria Thiis founded Limi Copenhagen in 2015, where a small piece of yellow fur became her first Limi Bag. Working with texture and colours, Victoria reinvents accessories with a goal of making every single Limi a unique item. Read more about LIMI and how it all started.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you?

My name is Victoria, I’m 24 old and the founder and Creative Director (and everything else) of Limi Copenhagen. I live in Østerbro, Copenhagen with my boyfriend Christian, and I’m one of five sisters, which means that I’ve got a built-in focus group when coming up with new designs and ideas for Limi. I don’t have any children yet, but my baby is definitely my brand – it’s what keeps me up at night, but in the best possible way!

Who are your own personal fashion heroes or style icons?

For ages, I’ve been obsessed with some of the iconic power women from the 70s, such as Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin. Their charisma and style really inspire me, and I love how they have managed to keep that sense of being put together yet effortless, even as they age.

I think that being consistent in whatever you do must be the red thread in all my fashion icons – whether we are talking about people or fashion houses. If I were to pick one fashion house (which I have always been in awe of), it would have to be Miu Miu. I’m completely in love with their brand personality. If I could afford it, I wouldn’t mind being dressed in Miu Miu from head to toe – and maybe even use their wrapping paper as wallpaper in my own apartment?! That sense of having a brand personality and adding another layer to the product is also what I’m spending a lot of time creating for my own brand. In my opinion, that is really what can set you apart from the competition.

How did Limi start?

My very first Limi bag was made as a part of my final project when I graduated as fashion designer in Copenhagen in the summer of 2015, and right out of the gate I could sense that there was something different about this one. I had made a ton of other things before, but for some reason this yellow furry bag just really hit the spot and stood out, and very quickly I began making and selling them for my friends. That summer, I founded Limi Copenhagen, but because I simultaneously got a chance to design for H&M in Stockholm, I never really thought of my own business as much more than a fun side project that I focused on in my spare time. Luckily, I had previously studied graphic design, which meant that every evening in my little Stockholm apartment was spent building my colourful Limi universe, from everything from logo and website to presence on social media. And I loved it! This also meant that Limi, right from day one, became such a true reflection of the person I am and a natural extension of my own personal style, and today that is such a great strength for my brand. It both allows me to connect with my target group on a much deeper level, and it also makes strategic decisions for the future much more easy, as the brand grows and matures with me. The many hours that I initially spent developing Limi Copenhagen’s presence on Instagram was definitely time well spent – I very quickly managed to get a good, loyal, and inspirational base of followers, and thereby customers, and in the beginning of 2017 I quit my job at H&M, moved back to Copenhagen and began focusing on Limi fulltime.

How would you describe the universe of Limi?

“Limi” is what my entire family calls me, my big sister came up with it when I was just a baby, so my own identity and Limi Copenhagen’s identity are quite literally intertwined. It creates an added layer of ownership and connectivity to the brand, which is also why I am and will continue to be so involved in everything that goes on in the business. The Limi universe is my own universe – colourful and fun, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bright colours are everything to me (secretly, I’ve always been a sucker for everything colour-coordinated!) and they are at the very core of Limi’s brand identity. The colours of the rainbow is actually also how I see my Limi costumer – all amazingly different, unique, and quirky in their own right.

That is also why I think social media is such a great tool, because it allows for brands like my own to connect with the customers on a much more personal level, and that is really appealing to me. I get inspired by my followers on a daily basis – both because they post photos wearing their Limi bags in the most amazing locations around the world, but actually also for product development by seeing and hearing what works and what doesn’t. In that sense, I feel like Limi’s Instragram has become a little community of cool, independent, and colourful girls and boys from all over the world – and I was delighted when a customer once wrote to me that she couldn’t wait “to become part of the Limi family”. That was amazing. This way, I hope that my customers feel like they buy more than “just” a bag, they buy a little snit bit of the Limi universe!

I still make many of the bags myself and, being a perfectionist, I spend hours behind the sewing machine every day making sure that every little detail is perfect. This dedication is infused into my universe, where the look and feel of our products is alpha omega. And I always remind myself that you are never better than your last result – and in Limi’s case, the last bag – so we never compromise on quality.

What has been the craziest experience with Limi so far?

Limi is still in its early stages, and I often still feel like a newbie in this industry, so I must admit that I get excited very easily. I don’t take anything for granted, especially because I’ve built every inch of the Limi brand myself, and I’m so invested in everything that goes on. At this point, every success, big or small, is the result of hard work.

I still get so excited when shops from all over the world reach out to me, wanting to sell my bags, and I am equally proud when one of my products sell out online and I, already the next day, have a waiting list of customers. That makes me so happy!

But the craziest thing is still walking around town (Copenhagen, in my case) and seeing my products on actual people. It might sound weird, but it is such a reassuring feeling! From the second I spot somebody wearing a Limi item, I can’t concentrate on anything else, and, if I wasn’t shy by nature, I would run up to them and say hi. I vow to do that someday, but for now I give them a smile instead!

What can we expect from Limi in the future?

Without giving away too much, I can say that the long-term objective for Limi is obviously to grow, both as a business and brand. In the shorter term, I’m continuously working on developing new products within the Limi universe, and maybe even expand outside the bag category. Make sure to keep up with Limi on and on our Instagram page! Stay tuned…!