Lærke Andersen: In full stride

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 13.00
PLACE: Kedelsmedien
Words Elsebeth Mouritzen

After last season’s jubilant block party show celebrating Lærke Andersen’s winning talent with the Magasin Fashion Prize in October 2017, expectations were high on Thursday afternoon. Both for what kind of presentation she would make, and how she had evolved as a designer.


Her second show took off where she left us last time, with the athletic wear that is her design starting point, but she has honed the concept and developed her style into something even more accessible. The slinky jersey came in just-over-the-knee dresses with contrasting dots as motif — something Andersen started using before polka dots became the preferred print in what seems like all walks of fashion — and her denim was so appealing in pared-down silhouettes with stove-pipe jeans and short, boxy jackets in black, with decorative white top-stitching on pockets, waistlines, and as a substitute for pant-leg creases.


In the previous collection, Andersen had made some great coats, and the new one took the construction of outerwear even further, with sand-coloured trenchcoats and jackets tailored to hug the body without being too restraining. The curvy design made the look more feminine, just like the ruching on a series of tops, skirts, and dresses in what looked like parachute materials. And even if it is not the most commercial garment, a rombersuit in oatmeal with black patches and a yellow canvasbelt looked quite cute.


The overall impression was that Lærke Andersen has taken the attention as new talent in full stride, and, besides the honour, is very attentive to the fact that she is part of a business that many envy. She has teamed up with another Danish brand, the successful sneaker brand ARKK Copenhagen, on a collection of shoes, and this just proves how fruitful collabs are for young startups to strengthen their potential. A decision right on the dot.

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