Juno — The bakery everybody’s talking about

Words Line Hindsgaul 

Juno — The bakery everybody’s talking about

Expect to queue and be satisfied with what’s left when it’s your turn. You will be satisfied whether it’s their morning rolls with wholegrain rye and eikon, kamut flatbreads, or the famous kardemommesnurre you meet at the counter. This is bread as you have never tasted it before. Swedish-born Emil Glaser, a former Noma chef, and his Danish girlfriend opened this place only a few months ago, and now everybody is crossing town to get ahold of their magical breads and cakes. Come in the morning or on you way home from work, when Juno serves dinner bread fresh from the oven.

What: Juno the bakery

Where: Århusgade 48, Østerbro

Instagram: @juno_the_bakery