iDeal of Sweden

Copenhagen Fashion Week is happy to announce its collaboration with iDeal of Sweden.
Most of us can relate to always having our phone in our hand right? So why not use your phone as the best accessory ever? At iDeal of Sweden you will find beautifully designed and functional fashion cases, phone covers, and wallets. Our beautifully designed and hand-made products are made of carefully selected materials – Swedish design and quality at its best.
“iDeal Concept”
Our designs are taken from the hottest fashion trends, inspired by the catwalks and tradeshows from around the world. When you choose to shop from iDeal Of Sweden, you can expect to get a product that not only protects your phone but also makes it fashionable and stylish. All of our products are also compatible with each other. We call this the “iDeal Concept” which means that you can mix and match fashion cases & mobile wallets, depending on the mood to any situation or occasion. Wearing a pretty basic outfit? Choose a case with a lot of color that really makes a statement and adds that little extra to your outfit! 
iDeal of Sweden has retailers in 50 different countries, 8000 influencers worldwide and in Denmark, we have collaborated with influencers such as Tina Maria, Maria Kragmann and Maya Segerlund. iDeal of Sweden believes in quality, a ”yes we can” mentality and hard work. We set our goals high and this year we aim to reach 400 million SEK in revenue. Join the ride and check-out one of the fastest growing fashion and lifestyle brands on the market, you’ll find us at @idealofsweden on Instagram!