High-class humor – Morten Ussing

Words Sille Ugelvig

Morten Ussing’s passion for fashion has been there for almost a decade. The young talented designer has slowly become an integrated part of the Danish fashion industry. His AW18 collection was yet another example of his creative skills. The clothes, made in extravagant materials such as metallic colored fur, pink and yellow silk, and dark-blue tulle, inspired envy.

The collection was not typically Scandinavian. Morten Ussing stands out as a remarkable designer who dares to make avant-garde collections that encourage women to dress femininely. Elegant yet bold. The collection had a minimalistic touch that worked out perfectly with the bold color choices. Its subtle details in pleating, pink jacket linings, and zipped shirt collars offered a timeless look. The classy tailored silk dresses were stunning and dreamy, fitting the female body to perfection.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” blew out from the speakers, punctuating a fashion show that contained humor, luxurious materials, perfect tailoring, and high-class details. All fascets of Ussing’s untypical designs that define its flattery of wearers.

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