A hidden gem in the heart of Copenhagen


A hidden gem in the heart of Copenhagen

If you ever dreamt of visiting the hidden gardens of Marrakech, Hotel SKT. PETRI will make all your wishes come true. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, you’ll find its garden courtyard the perfect green oasis away from the ongoing city buzz.

Entering SKT. PETRI, you’re met with grand escalators that, for a change, will make you feel like you’re standing on the stairways to heaven: They lead you directly out on the sunny terrace where nobody looks twice if you immediately kick off your heels and order a slice of sizzling hot pizza. This particular hidden gem is bathed in sunlight the entire day, and with a cold glass of rosé, you’ll come to question whether you’re in Denmark or under the Moroccan sun.

Not only is it the perfect place to host your business meeting, chill with your friends or just have a moment to yourself; it also gives you the opportunity to have an after-work glass or two with your colleagues all through summer, when SKT. PETRI is opens its ‘Belvedere After Work’ bar that runs on Thursdays throughout the summer.

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