Henrik Vibskov Returns to Copenhagen Fashion Week

Henrik Vibskov Returns to Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week is pleased to announce that Henrik Vibskov will be presenting his new collection as a part of the official schedule for SS20, and his return can in many ways be described as a homecoming. 

Paris Fashion Week has been an important venue for Vibskov since the very beginning because the majority of his market lies beyond Scandinavia, and he will continue to present there, but Copenhagen is where his heart lies. “There’s a very special vibe in Copenhagen” Henrik explains, “something Paris can never obtain”. And the warmth and excitement of the local community and Danish fashion industry, as well as the participation and presence of family and friends, are some of the things Vibskov is looking the most forward to.

Sustainability is a matter of great importance to Vibskov, and presenting his collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and being able to use the city he calls home to set the scene, gives him different opportunities than presenting abroad — both in terms of knowledge, insight and venues, but also in that everything he needs is already here, as well as having his entire team take part in the process. Because, apart from thinking sustainability more and more into his production line, Vibskov is also mindful about the production of his shows; making everything they can themselves and thinking of the reuse of installations and materials into other productions and initiatives, so that things are not just made for a single performance. 

For his upcoming show, Vibskov works with the idea of balance vs. the feeling of being stuck — whether it is figuratively or literally, playing with elements of seriousness and humour. He reveals that he very early on decided to return to Copenhagen Fashion Week this season; “It has felt a bit strange to participate in Copenhagen Fashion Week from the sideline, but not doing a show myself” Vibskov says, “I’m looking forward to being back on the schedule.” 

His SS20 show will be held in a location that is naturally open to a wider and more inclusive audience, and we are excited to see what he is preparing to unveil.