HAV: Are fabrics of the future found below sea level?

On January 27, Nikolaj Kunsthal opened its exhibition HAV, which features designs from the ten Nordic designers who participated in Blue Fashion Challenge 2017. The designs displayed were shot by world-famous street-style photographer Tommy Ton in the Faroe Islands.

The exhibition illustrates one take on how the fashion industry can use biomaterials originating in the North Atlantic, including algae and fish skin. Production of traditional materials such as cotton and polyester puts a massive strain on the environment, and the fashion and textile industry has become one of the most polluting industries in the world. Using biomaterials that often are bi-products from the fish industry demonstrates how locally sourced materials can be employed in an experimental and more sustainable way.The potential of these materials was also discussed when experts within the field of sustainability and fashion met with designers as well as consumer at the talk “Are fabrics of the future found below sea level?”. The talk took place at Nikolaj Kunsthal on Sunday with an aim to start a conversation about materials, resources, and consumption. One that hopefully will continue after fashion week.

HAV runs until Tuesday, January 30, so today this is your last chance to visit the exhibition.


Photo: Tommy Ton