Hav – an exhibition featuring Blue Fashion Challenge



Alongside Copenhagen Fashion Week, the exhibition HAV opens at Nikolaj Kunsthal and runs from January 27th – 30th

Explore how Nordic fashion designers can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. The exhibition features designs from 10 Nordic designers who competed in the Blue Fashion Challenge at the Faroe Islands in August 2017. They were encouraged to create designs from biomaterials originally coming from the ocean.

There is an unexploited potential below sea level in the North Atlantic region and the fashion and textile industry may have underestimated the value of bi-products from the fish industry and marine products such as algae, sealskin and fish skin.

The exhibition HAV also features photos from the Blue Fashion Challenge. Photos are shot by the world-famous photographer Tommy Ton, who is especially known for his street style coverage of the biggest international fashion weeks.

On January 28th experts in the field of sustainability will take the stage at Nikolaj Kunsthal and discuss the benefits and challenges that relates to sustainable fashion with biomaterials from the oceans being the focal point.The exhibition is facilitated by Closed Loop on behalf of NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation).

Venue: Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nikolaj Plads 10, København K. Opening hours: 27th – 30th from 12.00-17.00