HAN Kjøbenhavn: The greenhouse effect

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 18.00
PLACE: The Plant
Words Jeppe Ugelvig

HAN Kjøbenhavn’s fashion shows always attract a sizable crowd, known as the label is for large-scale scenographies and surprising locations. This season, the Copenhagen men-cum-womenswear brand presented a refined summer collection in the dark interior of a disused warehouse in the Nordhavn district, with a crumbling greenhouse as the totemic center (quite appropriate considering the extreme temperature in the building).

Vintage-looking paisley-adorned mesh shirts and dresses, turtleneck silk dresses, and clunky outerwear (hey Balenciaga!); a series of leather vests extended into an elastiband hoodie juxtaposed luxury and athleisurewear silhouettes. A couple of oversize suits and one particular flap-skirt proved HAN’s know-how and interest in construction in a streetwear context; on their 10thanniversary, we may understand this as their exact specialty, taking the streets into richer, more refined dimensions.

The styling cleverly clashed faux, riche, and trashy textiles, evoking a dystopian urban narrative – helped by a soundtrack of crooning Americana – where masculinities and feminities move and transform in the dim corners of underground nightclubs and illegal squads. While post-industrial dystopia-chic might feel more appropriate to cities like Berlin, HAN have in the last couple of years become increasingly sure of and skilled at portraying the aesthetic mythology that runs through their work. Their SS19 collection is a wonderful testament to the ambitions of a maturing Copenhagen brand.

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