City Guide: HALO

We met with designer and athlete Malkit Singh for a quick chat about his favourite things about in Copenhagen.


How would you say Copenhagen reflects in your designs and in the HALO brand? 

It’s a city with four seasons with very different weather – so we work a lot with functionality, simplicity and Nordic clean design.

Top 3 things to do or see in Copenhagen? 

Go to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Storm Fashion, and walk around the city and have the world’s best cinnamon bun

Where do you go for coffee in Copenhagen?  

There is so many good coffee spots on almost any corner, so try as many coffee spots as possible – at the moment I go to Sonny’s almost every day.

Do you have a secret tip for something in Copenhagen? 

The best way to enjoy Copenhagen is to walk around the city. Go to the top of Vor Frelsers Kirke at Christianshavn and get the best view over the city, and of course bring your coffee.