Hærværk + Future of Fashion: Lost kids

TIME & DATE: Wednesday 8 August – 13.00
Words Sille Ugelvig

Monster energy drinks and Tekken, what else does one need to portray lost kids in the Copenhagen industrial docks? Perhaps a few other elements, but in any case those were two key ingredients in the young and talented designer Niels Grundtoft’s Hærværk vision Wednesday afternoon.

The “Volume 5” collection contained bicycle shorts and bomber jackets with ample space for Monster drinks, in a colour scheme of brown, yellow, pink, and grey. Sporting a 90s vibe mixed with fashion-forward activewear, the collection created a feeling of “fight mode”, punctuated by the the game of Tekken played at the closing. One in which the model players took a sip of their energy drinks, perhaps as a strategy to power up for the next season.

With Crown Princess Mary in attendance, Future of Fashion took over from Hærværk, continuing the show with the visions of young talents, starting off with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts followed by Kolding Design School. Once again, they proved their worth by experimenting with different tailoring techniques and provocative designs.

19 talented designers with huge dissimilarities showed off their interpretation of what the future holds. Tie-strings, oversize ropes, thermos coats and beautiful heavy knits were just some of the nicely tailored styles on display. Marianne Bo from Kolding Design School made a ready-to-wear collection in the most beautiful pink colours perfectly fitted for the Copenhagen Girl. My personal favourite, Kristine Sehested-Blad, changed some of the typical styles from the men’s wardrobe by creating oversize blazers mixed with high-legged boots, making the models look sexy and bold.

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