Ganni: Feminine utility

TIME & DATE: Thursday 9 August – 17.00
PLACE: Refshaleøen
Words Line Hindsgaul

Hyped, deservedly so, with success that just keeps multiplying, Ganni seems to be the go-to brand of Scandi-influencers. With each collection garnering more attention in magazine pages, on instagram, and in the streets than its predecessors, it must be a heavy duty for designer Ditte Reffstrup and her team to keep doing better.

Yet so they do.

For this collection, Reffstrup  was inspired by nature, naming it ‘Paradise’ as a reference both to personal childhood memories and to our contemporary understanding of the environment, as a long-lost paradise.

To the sound of Nirvana’s Polly, the show was off to a powerful start. One model after another took to the runway, presenting themselves and the clothes in an empowering and energetic way. What then, was the message? It may have been something like an appreciation of Feminine Utility.  The collection contained windbreakers and raincoats (a co-lab with Icelandic outerwear brand 66 North), paired with softer and more naive styles, such as the sheer organza mini-shorts in a pale powder hue. Or the opposite, a pair of army-green knee-long shorts paired with a glittery top.

The utilitarian vibe was on track throughout the collection, and even a beautiful A-shaped mini dress had, upon closer inspection, a camping print on it with tents, bonfires, and fire logs. Other utility details in the collection were zip-off sleeves on a tie-dye denim jacket, and classic tracing boot laces used in shorts and pants. Used even in the waists of some jackets.

One Hawaii-skirt was made completely out of tracking robe. It might sound silly or perhaps avant-garde, but paired with a simple tank top and boots, it seemed like the obvious look for a Scandi-fashionista to wear. Come spring we might just all be craving those tracking boots, raincoats, and pastel dresses. If not, Ganni, so on point, so sharp, certainly made us feel that way today.

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