Flowers, vintage pieces and unique interior



The flower and interior shop De Fire Årstider (the four seasons) was official flower partner at the AW18 Opening Dinner. They lead a variety of flowers, together with vintage pieces and unique interior.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you?

We are flower & interior shops, lying in Lyngby and Charlottenlund, north of Copenhagen. We love flowers, and colors, and new ways of composing all the colors and variantions of flowers, together with vintage and unique interior.

What kind of products does De Fire Årstider (the four seasons) lead?

We have a huge variantions of flowers, and plants- and also we travel around the world to find unique interior and vintage pieces, all from Murano vases, to french pitchers.

You provided the flowers for The Opening Dinner. According to you – what do flowers give to an event?

Flowers can set a tone/mood, and underline the theme of the party/dinner etc. Whether it should be simple or a table full of flowers.

Are there any of your products you would like to highlight and why?

We have a signiture bouquet, where we mix the flowers in an open, wild way so it looks like something you have picked yourself in the field, and prefably in a nice mix of colors. We are not afraid of colors.

What can we expect from De Fire Årstider (The Four Seasons) in the future?

We will keep on trying to get beautiful flowers, and combine them in new ways. And look for vintage finds that will compliment our style.

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