Feminist skating park – Reconstruct

Words Celine Syverud

The last show of the season was presented by the Dutch fashion collective Reconstruct at Copenhagen Skatepark. Skaters in white hoodies, and rap music playing over the speakers, set the tone for the show.


Representing a new form of feminism that wants to challenge the current fashion systems and promote radical self-expression, the collective focus on play, creativity, and material innovation. For AW 18/19, the label mixed outdoor textiles and shapes with references to active- and workwear. Unexpected material pairings, such as lightweight nylon and exclusive fur created newness to common items such as scarfs and jackets, while separates in striped fleece in solid grey and white appeared as bathing cloth.


Floating volume and forward-thinking patterns created imaginative shapes that looked as if they could be separated and recombined into new compositions, through attachable and detached elements like zippers and belt straps. Loud orange, pink, and blue responded to the youthful energies and vibrations of the label, while mundane greys made designs gave a duller, more industrial look.


By combining the collective’s individual style and specialities, Reconstruct have been created in their own image, where design rules are bent and twisted, but not broken.