Feel-good dance – Bitte Kai Rand

Words Katrine Lund-Nielsen

In a far corner of Nordhavn harbor, an old warehouse served as the Wednesday evening show venue of Danish label Bitte Kai Rand. With birds humming, rock-like formations placed around the site, and an untraditional stage built on several levels, there was no doubt it would be a different kind of show.

And indeed it was. Introducing an adventurous muse, models were replaced with expressive dancers, telling the story of a collection on a journey.

Starting softly – in terms of the music, lighting, and dancer’s movements – colours were earthy tones of mossy green and dried soil with hints of black, white and graphic prints with crystal motifs. Cotton overalls (almost like a safari uniform), along with maxi dresses and skirts with oversized pockets, ensured the dancers could move freely, as the pace of the show changed.

Then icy blue, light lilac, and cool grey were introduced, with feminine details such as tailored jackets, silk shirts, and sets with semi-cropped tops, giving the iconic voluminous Bitte Kai Rand silhouettes a fresh touch.

Functional nylon coats (like a mountain climbers), corduroy pants and knitwear in azurite blue were the last elements of a collection (and show) that was all about feeling good – about yourself, where you are in life, and what you wear.