Fashion Anecdote: Sabine Glud

Fashion Anecdote: Sabine Glud

By Carla Christine Bruus Aagaard-Strube

Model Sabine Glud: Untied debut  

Despite her young age, model Sabine Glud is already a familiar face in the international business, working her great features and long curly hair in both catwalk, campaigns, and editorials. Latest, this Le Management-represented model is the cover girl of Elle Denmark, and has many a mile to (cat)walk during this Copenhagen Fashion Week. But once upon a time, she was just a girl who had never walked in a pair of high heels.  

“It was my very first show, and I was very nervous. The casting, I felt, had gone badly, as I’d almost never worn heels prior to it. On the other hand, I had gotten the job. As the show was about to start, backstage was utter chaos. We were 40 models in a tiny, very hot room, everyone dressing at the same time. No one could locate the bag I was supposed to bring, and the long gloves I had on didn’t fit. In the end I was basically shoved onto the runway, where people were waiting in anticipation.

Just as I entered I heard a boy ask his mom why my shoeleaces were untied, and it occurred to me that he was right — and this was not deliberate. The boots I was wearing were knee-length patent leather with extremely high stiletto heels. The laces that were supposed to be tied up to the knees were wildly flittering back and forth around my legs. When you walk down a runway, you are not supposed to look down, but I could feel how the laces were moving, how boots the loose were on my feet. In the end, nothing happened, but man was I a nervous wreck. Today, with so much more experience from walking other shows, I probably wouldn’t get as nervous in such a situation. And I’ll never forget my first meeting with the contrast between the utter chaos of backstage and the entrance to a runway, where everything seems to be streamlined and under control. It’s such a wild contrast, one that continues to excite me.  



Favourite spot in Copenhagen: “Nyhavn is my favourite place in Copenhagen. It’s cozy all-year-round. In winter, when it is filled with Christmas decorations, and in summer, when the cafés and icecream parlors come alive with a perfect atmosphere created by locals and tourists alike. It also carries memories from the time around my graduation from high school, and then I just love the colourful iconic housefronts.” 


Copenhagen Fashion Week highlight: “I can’t wait to see all the people I work with throughout the year gathered — and I love walking runways.”