Fashion anecdote: Thora Valdimars

Fashion Anecdote: Thora Valdimars

Influencer Thora Valdimars: High fashion and bleeding heels

Influencer and stylist Thora Valdimars is known for an exquisite talent for mixing sporty/street references into elegant looks, and is behind numerous campaings and fashion shoots. This summer she also launches the new label Rotate Birger Christensen together with Jeannette Friis Madsen and the well-establish (and visit-worthy) multi-brand store Birger Christensen. Here, she tells us the sometimes painful truth of being a street-style subject.

“My long-term partner-in-crime Jeanette (Friis Madsen) and I were going to a Paco Rabanne show, dressed head-to-toe in clothes from the brand. For Copenhagen Fashion Week, we always have our own car, but at fashion weeks abroad we mostly take Ubers when we’re not simply walking from show to show. Having attended quite a few fashion weeks, I’ve become good at preparing for this. I had borrowed some flats I believed to be comfortable, and even brought band-aids to wear in the heels in case I got blisters. Or so I thought. Put having put on the shoes after getting out of the cab, I immediately noticed that leather was so rough it was digging into my skin. By the time we had entered the show, my feet were almost bleeding.

After the show, all the stree-style photographers stood ready outside, as always asking if we could go back and forth for their shots. It was overcast, but I was wearing big sunglasses, since the pain was almost making me cry, my face squirming in pain. When we were finally done and ready to leave, we made it down just one block before I was unable to walk at all.

Jeanette, who is not that tall, had to carry me on her back to a place we could hail a cab. The day after, my feet were so destroyed by blisters I couldn’t wear shoes, and had to wear some red terrycloth slippers from the hotel at all the shows we were attending. “Thora chooses comfort over fashion” was how many of the photographers described it, but a few weeks later Justin Bieber began wearing hotel slippers — so I think maybe I started something there”.




Favourite spot in Copenhagen: “I now completely abstain from eating sugar or dairy products and am therefore a big fan of 42Raw, which offers the delicious plant-based dishes.”

42Raw, Pilestræde 32, Copenhagen K,


Copenhagen Fashion Week highlight: “What I’m looking forward to the most is presenting Rotate Birger Christensen — the brand of dresses Jeanette Friis Madsen and I have created in collaboration with Birger Christensen.”