Wessel & Vett – 10 Years of Denmark's Largest Fashion Prize

Fju Omnk

Experience the exhibition 'Wessel & Vett Fashion Prize - 10 Years of Denmark's Largest Fashion Prize’ at Magasin du Nord Museum.

The exhibition looks back in time since the first prize was awarded to Peter Jensen in 2012. Previous winners of the prize show examples of their work and provide an insight into their work process. In addition to Peter Jensen, the exhibition includes Anne Sofie Madsen, Cecilie Bahnsen, A. Roege Hove, Emilie Helmstedt and last years winner Iso.Poetism by Tobias Birk Nielsen.

oreover, the exhibition gives an insight into the values behind the founding of the department store Magasin du Nord by Emil Vett and Theodor Wessel, which are the same values ​​that underlie the Wessel & Vett Fashion Prize. The exhibition also shows the historical sketchbooks and other items from the rich Magasin archive including from the dress salon. The dress salon existed from 1913-1976 and created couture for more affluent Danes. The dress salon set the tone in Danish fashion for several decades, and contributed to manifest Magasin as one of the leading department stores in fashion.



Date and time

During Copenhagen Fashion Week:
Monday-Friday 13-17
Saturday-Sunday 11-15

Normal opening hours:

Thursday-Friday at 13-17
Saturday-Sunday at 11-15

The exhibition can be experienced 19 January – 26 February 2023