Danish Fashion & Textile Breakfast Event - Sourcing Responsibly

Tekstil grafik CFW Event 4th of February

At the breakfast event ‘Sourcing responsibly in an uncertain world’ practitioners are introduced to practical steps and inspirational tools to respect human rights throughout the supply chain.

During this breakfast event, practitioners will be inspired by hands-on knowledge, gain insights and learn new inspirational tools to support their work with respect for human rights in their entire business and supply chains. Many companies have limited capacity and competencies to exercise and document human rights due diligence. At the same time, sourcing responsibly has become ever more pertinent in uncertain times where a global pandemic has put a magnifying glass on social and environmental issues in the fashion industry. Companies are increasingly faced with requirements on due diligence and responsible business by international guidelines, public regulation and industry standards such as the CFW 2023 Sustainability Requirements. So where to start? At this breakfast event we will take a practical approach and show how various tools, developed through Danish collaboration, can support companies step by step on this essential journey.

During the session we will tune into:

1. The most urgent global social challenges in global supply chains for companies in the fashion and textile industry.

2. 5 steps to use supplier dialogue and collaboration to respect human and workers’ rights and contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

3. An easy-to-use tool to support fashion companies in their human rights due diligence efforts, showing how ‘green transition’, sustainable development and human rights are all interlinked in an increasingly complex context.

The event is organised by the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative (DIEH) and the Danish industry association for fashion and textile companies (DM&T) and will take place online. Note that the event is open to representatives of fashion companies with an interest in strengthening their performance on human rights and sustainability in the supply chain.

9:00 – 9:05 Welcome, by the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and Danish Fashion & Textile

9:05 - 9:30 Session 1: Social challenges in an increasingly complex context for global supply chains in the fashion industry

9:30 - 9:50 Session 2: Five steps to strengthen supplier dialogue and the work with sustainable development goals

09:50-10:20 Session 3: Human rights due diligence tool

10:20 - 10:40 Q & A session

10:40 –10:45 Wrap up and upcoming events

For registration and more information please go to the following link