Sloth Rousing - fashion film premier

Sloth Rousing event

Sloth Rousing is pleased to invite you to the premier of the fashion film and collection Getting up – Unfolding.

Sloth Rousing is known for her work in between fashion, installation, film and performance and this season she once again lets the story of the collection be told in a fashion film.

The collection 02 is inspired by the bed linen and the process of getting out of bed. The movement from being wrapped in your bed linen - lying down, to get up and unfold - preparing for the day to come.

The film is setting the atmosphere for the project and will showcase the newest installation pieces and selected parts of the collection. The installation pieces and collection have a close connection and it will be possible to recognize the starting point – the bed linen - in the final silhouettes. The collection is made entirely from dead stock materials and all styles will come in a limited edition.

We hope you will join us for a drink and a celebration of this new project coming together.