Swapping Lab by Sharedrobes


Swapping Lab by Sharedrobes: a festive outdoor swap event bringing more circularity to fashion. A place to renew your wardrobe, where clothing is currency.

Looking to renew your wardrobe without spending any money? That has got to be impossible… right? Except it isn’t. We got you covered! Come join us at our swapping lab where you can trade your old clothing items for new ones. It’s 100% free, and it’s way better for both your wallet and the environment. What’s not to like about that?

Got fashion items taking up closet space that you no longer use? Swap it before you drop it! Don’t let unused clothing items collect dust in your wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new, right? By using a ‘clothing as currency’ principle, we allow you to exchange your old clothing items for new ones. Essentially, you can renew your entire wardrobe without spending a single penny. Say goodbye to a dusty, rusty and crusty wardrobe and hello to a freshly renewed wardrobe that’s worth showing off.

So how does it work? All you need to do is show up with all the clothing items that you no longer wear, but still have value and could be passed on to others who'll love it more. As “payment” for the clothing items you bring, you get to select a corresponding number of items to take home. But be prepared. You aren’t the only fashion lover in town who can smell a good deal from far away.

Join us for a fun fashion treasure hunt. Is it genious or nuts? Come find out for yourself! It’s going to be fashionably lit!Spoiler alert! You can’t have a fashion week without a fashion show, right? As a part of our swap event during SS23 Copenhagen Fashion Week - a fashion show will also take place at the venue. Here, you can discover the coolest upcoming fashion brands, who are working with upcycle, conscious and slow fashion. Their awesome collections will show you that sustainability is truly the new black.

Find us here: Location: Højbro Plads Date: August 11th at 16.00-20.00, Fashion Show starts at 18.00.

Sharedrobes is the organizer of the event - an app that helps people manage and optimize their wardrobe digitally, and let people circulate and swap items directly in the app. Additionally, the app connects users with innovative fashion brands who have a strong focus on sustainability.

Sharedrobes is challenging the common perception that clothing should only have one owner throughout their lifetime. With this event, we want to promote all the monetary and environmental benefits that can be achieved by sharing your wardrobe, and making better use of fashion items that have already been produced and loved by others.

There are so many advantages in making fashion more circular. You don’t have to settle - and you shouldn’t have to! That’s why we’ll demonstrate that you can renew your wardrobe without breaking the bank or causing harm to our planet. Indeed, by swapping clothes you can continue to express yourself through fashion in fun and creative ways, just as usual. The only difference is choosing to be smart about it.

See you there!