Mantle x Ceval Pre-Fashion Week Dinner

Mantle Ceval 4x5

An intimate pre-Fashion Week dinner hosted by Mantle and Ceval Omar

Kicking off Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23, Swedish CBD brand Mantle and talent Ceval Omar are co-hosting an intimate pre-Fashion Week dinner event on January 30th. With bold confidence and award-winning formulations, Mantle is reclaiming the cannabis plant by elevating CBD through innovative high-quality products.

As Wallpaper Magazine put it, “cult brand” Mantle, has quickly earned a strong following. The products have won multiple awards by e.g. Elle, Marie Claire, Costume, Eurowoman, and Vogue. With the cuisine signed the unique Caribbean concept Yam by Kai Semple, Mantle and Ceval are excited to invite you to this intimate physical event.