Maginista Pop-Up Store

Maginista PRESS 08 Vacuum 01 1600 X2000

Official launch of the new Hybrid haircare brand in the Maginista pop-up store. Hair is not nearly as complicated as the industry want it to be!

The ultimate purpose of haircare, is to make you feel comfortable and creative. To let you express yourself, in new imaginary ways.

Maginista is haircare, crafted to let your imagination lead the way. We’ve put our hard-earned expertise and our heart and soul into developing, what we truly believe is the next generation of haircare. All our products are packed with hyper potent formulations, crafted from exclusive natural ingredients and through scientific knowledge. We perceive ourselves as educators and craftsmen as much as stylists and hairdressers. The truth is, hair care is only as effective, as the person who uses it. With Maginista we’re not launching a product, we’re inviting people to be part of a culture. Explore the world of Maginista in our pop-up store and take a break from the everyday hustle, by receiving the Maginista signature treatment. Using scientific based knowledge and more than 60 years of joined experience, in the haircare industry. Maginista is here to cut through the noise and educate the interested.

Store open for product information, treatment and sessions by appointment only.