Lifestyle & Design Cluster - circular fashion & textile days

Circular fashion and textile days cover for CFW

Lifestyle & Design Cluster is hosting a circular exhibition with 40+ fashion and textile brands showing circular design, materials, and innovations.

Circular Fashion & Textile Days is an exhibition focused on the Circular Economy - on Circular design at work. Becoming circular is a process: we need to gain and share knowledge and examples of best practices to inspire and influence the industry.

The exhibition will show 40+ Danish fashion - and textile brands, platform and service providers, that work with circularity as part of their business model. Some of the exhibitors have built their business on circular principles – others are in the process of adapting their existing business to embrace elements of circularity.

Meet the brands, join daily guided tours or listen to talks about circularity in fashion.
Open to all with registration to the fair.

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