Kolding Designskole - Collected Works

Kolding Designskole image

An exhibition and public display of the collections created by the fashion bachelor graduates from Kolding school of design.

Everyone is invited to come and explore Kolding Designskole's collected work, and experience the products of young, emerging designers.

Kolding Designskole have a unique opportunity to showcase their creative works, having not yet been bound by factors like brand dna, sales statistics & publicity demands. Therefore they have the means of freedom to create without boundaries, innovate & move fashion forward. The event will focus on the exhibition of each students graduate collections.

The audience will get the chance to speak with the designers, touch and feel the garments and emerge themselfs into a world of fashion design.

The exhibition will take place at CPH Food Space at Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 København. Drinks and food will be served throughout the day.