BA Graduate Fashion Film - The Royal Danish Academy

Plakat Fashion BA event

As the BA fashion graduates of 2022 from The Royal Danish Academy we proudly present our final project:"How do liminal spaces feel?"

“Liminal spaces are the waiting areas between one point in time and space and the next. Often, when we are in liminal spaces, we have the feeling of just being on the verge of something.”

Liminal space is not a standby position, it’s a transition into the unknown. The course of our education has at times felt like a constant liminal state. We found strength and support in our community and we are standing on the threshold with each other ready for whatever is next. The film deals with feelings and thoughts, representing transformation despite limitations, restrictions and the unknown. It contains our projects exploring deep emotions, the importance of presence, vulnerability and the creation of connection through the senses.

Join us for the launch of our fashion film containing our 10 projects on the 4th of February at See you in the liminal space.