Hike or Die

7 DAYS aw23 03 1

7 Days Active, Hike or Die show by Simon Rasmussen

7 Days Active will represent our AW23 collection Hike or Die by Simon Rasmussen. We exist to inspire everyone to become more active in their everyday life. The goal is to reach the metaphysical state of mind. We’re not a sports performance-brand that started branching into fashion. We’re fashion natives who embraced sports as our arena.

The hike or die collection combines outdoor functionality with fashionable design. Made to make you look good, whether tackling the trails, hitting the gym, or just a trip to the supermarket. The collection is made with high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your adventures or workouts without worrying about your gear. The hike or die collection truly embodies the spirit of urban outdoor life and effortlessly blends function and fashion.Blocs & Walls at Refshaleøen will form the framework behind the show and the collection’s main inspiration, which is hiking, mountaineering and an active lifestyle combined with fashion for both men and women.

Attendance by invitation only