Flatlist Eyewear x Byhaven


Flatlist is happy to present yet another questionably fashionable party. Join us the 11th of August and explore a line-up of both live-performances and dj-sets all night

Last year Flatlist hosted/introduced FLATLIST Festival, which became an intimate one-day festival. The idea behind the festival came from the fact that we saw a great potential in merging the music and fashion industry which we didn’t feel like were being explored enough. Flatlist has great support within both industries, and we therefore saw ourselves being the perfect matchmaker in that regard. This resulted in a line-up packed with new talent, which we felt shared our Flatlist “vibe”. The event took place during the Copenhagen Fashion Week at Copenhagen Distillery, where it was about celebrating both fashion and music in an intimate and cozy way, at a time where people needed it due to the pandemic.

Since then we’ve continued hosting events for the Copenhagen Fashion Week’s. We love to facilitate and gather people, and at the same time, we have a well-established community who always show support and bring the vibes. On August 11th, we’re hosting an event in Byhaven, Pumpehuset during the Copenhagen Fashion Week, where everyone can come and explore an interesting line-up of both live performances and dj-sets all night.