Danish Refugee Council - art installation

LED boks DRC Danish Refugee Council 1600x200

Empower women through art: Visit the Danish Refugee Council’s art installation supporting sustainable futures for refugee girls and women

Embodied through art, discover how refugee women’s period can be a massive challenge when they flee from war. Learn how one of the largest international NGO’s work with sustainable solutions to secure a safe period and education for women on the run.

“It’s not just a pad, it’s your future!” There are currently 100 mill. displaced people in the world – half of them are women and girls. The decline in basic human rights sadly continues to be high on a global scale. Even more so, for refugee girls and women.With a highly engaging walk-in art-installation dedicated to the campaign “That Time of the Month”, we encourage you - whether you are a fashionista, a company or a social stakeholder - to engage and get a closer look at the challenges that many girls and women on the run face when they get their period and learn how sustainable solutions can foster a more prosperous future.

Sustainable pads are one of the basic, but key competence in securing girls their basic rights. We work to reduce this gap moving towards 2030 – as the refugees’ spokesperson, through positive actions. Read more: https://drc.ngo/campaigns/that...