Blurring Borders: A talk on inclusive design and sustainable fashion

IED image for panel

How the contamination of disciplines can lead the fashion industry to be more sustainable both from an economic and social point of view?

A panel with industry professionals moderated by IED - Istituto Europeo di Design will try to understand how fashion is evolving today.

Fashion is not only identity or the search for an identity, but never before has it been a megaphone for narrating socio-economic events or launching ethical messages. Starting from the Las Manuelas project - born as an experiment with IED fashion design students with the idea of proposing new values and ways of doing things in fashion - possible or alternative scenarios to the fashion system will be found, trying to redefine or clarify key words such as sustainability, luxury, inclusiveness, technology, contamination and the future.

David Lapof, IED Research Center, will moderate the interventions of Isabel Berz, director of Las Manuelas project, Kristian Snorre Andersen, co founder & CEO of Adorno and Julia Weems Fashion Director at IED Barcelona with possible incursions of additional contributors. Hotel Skt. Petri will be the beautiful setting of the debate during which coffee and snack will be available to the audience.

Is there a better way to kick-off your day?