Animal Friendly Fashion Future

Animal Friendly Fashion Future Image2023

Join World Animal Protection to celebrate a fur free fashion week, and hear strong voices from the industry talk about animal welfare as part of a more sustainable future for fashion.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has recently strengthened its policy to ensure their runways remain fur free.

In celebration of this, World Animal Protection is hosting a talk moderated by Lotte Thor – focusing on what an animal friendly future for fashion means to the panel, including Anne Skare Nielsen, futurist, Cecilie Ingdal, Editor-in-Chief Elle DK, Frederik Larsen, co-founder of In futurum, Julie Skall, co-founder of Skall Studio & Stephanie Kruuse Klausen, World Animal Protection. Intrigued? Then join us at Kunstforeningen GL Strand for exciting food for the brain, plant-based snacks, and bubbles.

Also feel free to discover and enjoy the current exhibition ‘Stepping Out!’. Let us know if you are interested here