ELLE Style Awards honors the best fashion show


A new prize will appear at this year’s ELLE Style Awards 2018. The new award will focus specifically on the fashion show and go to a designer or a brand who has managed to impress a little extra with its show during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

“This year we have chosen to include a prize that honors the best fashion show of the year. We do that because we have a great passion for Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Danish designers who spend a lot of ressources on impressive shows, keeping the Danish fashion week alive. Not only is it expensive to throw a fashion show, it’s also a challenge to throw a show for an audience who are used to and have seen a lot of great shows. The Danish designers are good at reinventing the wheel from season to season,  for quite low budgets compared to the big international fashion houses. And all this  deserve a tribute”, expresses Cecilie Ingdal, editor of ELLE Denmark in the press release.

Elle Style Awards is an international event held in several of the 45 ELLE countries, including Britain, China and Sweden. The prize ceremony was held for the first time in Denmark in 2013 at the Royal Playhouse (Skuespilhuset) in Copenhagen, and has since 2014 been held in the DR Concert Hall.

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